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Gray Area

29 Jun

The pale, flour-white sun hangs by a wire over the still waters of the evening bay. In a warm state of gray and ivory, half silhouetted by an overcast 6pm sky, I refuse to believe it is the same sun I’d seen before. The same sun that baked my skin at the beach, when it was young and glared over the ocean. It’s not the same one in the pictures sent from my vacationing relatives in Tahiti. Big, red, heat-heavy, hanging in the background, staying perfectly still and lighting the clouds just right. Posing until the picture was taken, alongside my fat, pale white cousins. So picture perfect, that it could be a postcard. Actually, it was a postcard. The people who I consider to be wading in the shallow end of the family’s gene pool thought their chubby smiles in paradise looked so perfect, that they had the picture made into a postcard, just to send to me in heather gray-skied New Jersey.

This sun in front of me now isn’t the same sun as in those Corona commercials. This sun, homely and lukewarm, has much more character. This is the kind of skyscene you could sit down to have tea with. Have a polite conversation with. A bit more reserved than the “HEY GUYS I’M THE SUN. WANNA HANG OUT, PLAY VOLLEYBALL?” type of light that gets all the airtime and brochure covers. The sun today would be more likely to sit across from me in a cafe, cross its legs and say “Hey. So, it’s not really warm enough to go outside. Kinda overcast. What are you going to do?”

“Well,” I’d say and pause for a moment. This kind of weather calls for a slight stint of self examination. “I think I’m going to write.” Then I’d take a sip of my coffee, in this metaphorical cafe with this personified sun. But since that scene is hypothetical and this weather is weighing my eyes down, I reach for my real coffee and take a sip instead as I drive home along the bay. The coffee is warm. It’s some rare Guatemalan blend with an oak wood color. I let it linger in my mouth to see if I can taste any hint of the South American sun. Then I realize I couldn’t find Guatemala on a map if I had to, and that it’s probably in Central America. But South American sun sounds better so I swallow and pretend to taste the warmth. I look back into the pale, blue-gray eyes of the sky over the bay and wonder what coffee grown under this sun would taste like. Probably more like tea.


This Week on the Triple Dub

10 Sep

The Triple Dub is short and sweet this week folks. But don’t panic, they’ll be more coming your way next week. Promise.

Warning: 20% coffee remaining

Clever, yet frighteningly accurate.

I posted this on Facebook around 2:00pm on Monday, and all my fellow office-working, caffeine addict friends liked and reposted it. This may be a very accurate depiction of my personal energy after a full week, or at 2pm on a busy Monday.

Museum of Modern Art Acquires the @ Symbol


This was an article shared with me by the always artistic JenBrown. I read an article earlier this year about the MOMA trying to acquire it, but I much prefer this one because it offers some more explanation of why the museum is getting the symbol, the thinking behind it, and the implications of  the whole endeavor. But I won’t spoil it with lengthy, wordy sentences; just read the article for yourself @ artnews.com.

Velociraptor-free Workplace

I can’t tell you how tempted I am to hang this by my desk at work. I probably will. I mean, our workplace has been Velociraptor-free for at least 24 days, and that deserves some signage.

That’s all for this week folks. There was some buzz about the new Google Instant search this week, some clever fictional business cards, and even more cleverly designed 404 pages that are worth mentioning. You can also check out a new post at The Social Media Chef on how Twitter was super useful in the hands of Monmouth County locals during a blackout.