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Earthquake Relief 2011

23 Aug

The news of the earthquake was a relief because it meant that for once, the room wasn’t shaking for just me.

Is the planet shaking, or is it just me?



This Week’s Triple Dub – Weekly Web Wrap-up

3 Sep

Music, memes, HTML5, and social media mayhem this week on the Weekly Web Wrap-up. But before we get into all that, let’s start out nice and easy with a minimalistic site around a simple idea:

For those like me who like a good rainy day, there’s The site plays a high quality 30 minute loop of rain and a little thunder, and that’s it. Clean layout, options to share, simple, and no umbrella required.

The Wilderness Downtown

The band Arcade Fire and the folks at Google have whipped up what many are calling the first example of what HTML5 can really do. I just call it awesome. Type in the address of where you grew up, and Google maps incorporates your childhood right into the video in a surprisingly smooth way. A very cool experiment, but make sure you run the site in Google Chrome to make sure it works properly.


Fictionaut is a new social network for writers and readers of short fiction. Which just so happens to be my cup of tea. The site is still closed to the public, but I managed to snag 1 of 100 invites from Mashable (thanks Mashable!). I have to be honest, I haven’t gotten to really explore the site as much as I’d like to yet. But this being a writing blog, expect a full review of the site after I wonder around it thoroughly.


So, this week we’ve seen music, we’ve seen social networks, and now we see a new music social network from Apple. As a new part of iTunes 10, Ping lives right along your music library and purchases and allows you to share what your listening to, as well as follow your friends and favorite artists (or so Apple says). Does it do all that? Not really. You can’t actually share what your listening to, searching for your friends is hit or miss (along with the ability to add Facebook friends being removed), and the number of artists you can follow is still only around 12, as far as I can see. Most people using the feature are echoing the same disappointed buzz, but we’ll give it more than a few days before we shoot it down. I think the feature has a lot of potential, and I can only hope it ends up functioning as smoothly as, only without the subscription fee.

A Guide to Internet Memes

Last but not least, a brief infographic-style guide to internet memes. A great initial explanation to someone unfamiliar with the term, but a bit basic for you seasoned interweb junkies (protip: get your un-ending meme fix at My favorite meme of the moment: Inception memes.

And speaking of Inception


From the mind of Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt who recently starred in Inception also has what he calls a “fully professional, open, collaborative production company.” I call it awesome, and a great thing for a big time actor to be doing.

What’s your favorite internet meme of all time?

The Weekly Web Wrap-up (aka, the Triple Dub)

27 Aug

So here’s the deal.

I work, play, and basically live on the internet. And in my day-to-day, I come across a lot of things that I think my social network will like. So, I post these videos/pictures/articles/little-bundles-of-win on Facebook, and typically get a very positive reaction. After a few months of frequent posting, someone suggested that I keep a list of all the tid-bits I post so people can browse them at their leisure. And so, a weekly post is born. Every Friday, I’m going to post the best/most popular items that I come across and a little blurb with my 2 cents, just in case you missed it the first time. I’ll also probably come up with a catchier tag-line for these weekly posts, but for now it’s just the

WWW (Weekly Web Wrap-up, aka, the Triple Dub)

But Preston, this is new and different! I thought this was a blog about writing, and only writing?

Well that’s a good point, anonymous, italicized commenter. This is a good time to mention that this blog will be changing gears a little bit, and will have a new name and feel fairly soon. The blog as you’ve known it so far, Writings of a Writer that has featured mostly writing pieces will be morphing into the new blog, tentatively called Presto Writes! Presto Writes! will still have all the writing you’ve come to know and love, but will also have a little more variety in the posts, which means more frequent posts. So stay tuned for that.

Without any further ado, (what is ado, anyway?) I bring you the best web nuggets I dug up this week:

Scott Pilgrim Vs The Matrix

Ah, one of my old favorite movies meets one of my new favorite movies. One of the most masterful mash-ups I’ve seen.

College Curriculum Requires Undergrads to Play Video Game “Portal”

Hello and welcome to the Education Enrichment Cent- I mean college. For anyone who has played portal, you know you wish you went to this college. For those who haven’t played, I can only describe the game as well written, delightfully challenging, witty, and relatively short. A perfect requirement before sending tomorrow’s minds out into the real world.

Deadmau5 Crashes Japanese Ham Site via Facebook

Yeah, you read that right. Most of my tid-bits are things that are posted on sites like Mashable, Neatorama, Buzzfeed, etc. But this next little bit of awesome is something I witnessed first hand. Musical artist Deadmau5 posted a link to what appears to be a Japanese ham site on his Facebook page…
Minutes later, his status was flooded with comments saying the site was down. Well, could it have been from tens of thousands of his fans clicking the link? Later that day, the plot (and the lols) thickened…

Kudos to you Joel, and congrats on scoring the spot as the house artist at the MTV VMAs this year.

Speaking of Awesome Music:

(you like that silky-smooth segway) You should head over to my little music Tumblr, The Antifreeze. I just posted a little piano remix of Faxing Berlin, and you’ll probably like it.

A Meeting of Creative Minds

on Red Bank Green

This article was posted on Red Bank Green, covering a meeting of the newly formed group, Red Bank Creative. I attended this event, so trust me when I tell you that the group is filled with a more than a handful of creative minds and talented artists. If you live in the Red Bank area, check it out!

Until Next Week, Folks. Happy Friday.

What’s the most interesting thing you found on the web this week? Leave a comment, and it could end up in next week’s Triple Dub.

Post-It Poetry

6 Apr

I recently started a community driven poetry blog called Post-It Poetry.

The idea is this: write a short poem on a post-it note, take a picture, send it to, and it is posted to the blog for all to enjoy. Author names is optional, creative pen names are encouraged, as are titles for the poems. Read more at

Become a fan and submit poems via Facebook