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The Red Bank: …More of an Update Than an Entry

29 Oct

Hello there.  Since this is more of an update than an entry, I’ll get right to the point: I now live in a place called Red Bank.

"Hip City"

Some people of the web call this town “Hip City.” (though I’ve never met someone who has used this term offline)  With this new place is bound to come a lot of new thoughts, new conversations, and new things to blog about, so it’s getting it’s own tag for posts:  Hip City. While I’ll continue to post writings and thoughts not attributed to specific places or things, I think your going to see more creative non-fiction posts inspired by my experiences in the new town I’m in.  Partly because I enjoy the similar updates of my friend’s blog, Jen Brown: a life, and partially because this blog here has been neglected for far too long and will hopefully be less neglected to if I’m less picky about what to post and write about.

So here’s to making old things new again and life after college