Grammargasm on This Week’s Triple Dub

27 Feb

On this week’s very much late Weekly Web Wrap-up, we go back to last weeks posts which for one reason or another all centered around grammar, writing, and other word-related gems. So many of my friends liked the term “grammargasm” to describe these posts that I had to put it in the title; give the people what they want, as they say.

HEY. Woah, wait. Didn’t this blog used to be called something else?

Yep. It did used to have another title. A wordy, slightly generic title (see, it was so generic, you don’t even remember what it was called) which slightly misrepresented this blog’s content, and made me feel like every post had to be about writing and only writing. So, now that it’s officially been re-imagined as Presto Writes, I’m going to post and write about a wider range of topics. Social media, music, writing, culture (web culture mostly), blogging, etc.

Things We Say Wrong

This video will make you very self conscious about how you speak, unless you have very firm footing with your grammar. Also, I want this man as an add-on in Microsoft Office instead of that little paper clip.

My BFF just told me “TTYL” is in the dictionary. LMAO.

OMG kids these days and their crazy texting slang. It is good that new, relevant words are being added to the dictionary, but I  like don’t encourage kids (namely my 15 year old brother) to get into the habit of abbreviating everything. Although, I did witness my friend ROFL once. True story.

Merriam-Webster Ask the Editor — Doozy

Oh, Merriam-Webster, you make me miss my OED subscription I had during college!

Krista Vernoff “Commit to Thrive”

Inspiring, true, and very well stated. Watch and digest.

And a little bonus nugget for you literature-minded lover of words,
Howl the Movie with James Franco as Allen Ginsberg.



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