The TSA is Trendier Than You Think

13 Jul

For a second, I was worried that wouldn’t have anything to write about this time.  A trip through Newark Airport just wouldn’t be the same without arriving 2 hours early and not seeing anything that’s blogworthy. The shuttle ride was okay, security was relatively smooth; nothing terribly interesting. And then I saw it. A small sticker on the glass separating the lines of impatient people about to go through the metal detectors:

Have a suggestion?

The Transportation Security Administration now has their very own blog. Well, I had to laugh. I wonder if they write about the same  things as I do? (they probably have even more to say, I’m sure) I do actually have a suggestion, that they put interesting stories about airport misadventures in their blog. I think I’ll send them a link to this first.

If it were not for that sticker, I’d have nothig to write about today. A blog inspiring a blog. Blogs do have a tendency to make writings on seemingly uninteresting things readable. Example? What you’re reading now, or the “Stuff White People Like” blog. Okay, okay, admittedly it’s the writing that makes them readable, but blogs give this informal writing about oddball  topics a home. Otherwise, it would stay on the pages of my notebook, where few would see it.


One Response to “The TSA is Trendier Than You Think”

  1. Duane Porter May 16, 2010 at 2:47 am #

    You’ve heard the inside joke about what TSA really means?

    “Thousands Standing Around.”

    I’m glad that the TSA has a sense of humor about themselves, as long as they are serious about security.

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