Gate 32

29 Jan

Outside Gate 32 this time.  The bagel last time was like eating adhesive, so I buy a muffin.  Dry, but I can swallow it without chewing it a dozen times.  The woman in front of me complains about her coffee.  Lady.  Seriously.  It’s airport coffee.  Newark airport coffee.  I sit down to eat my drought of a muffin and watch todays exciting CNN loop.  Obama’s VP soon revealed!  The story is run back to back with a report about how the recently discovered Bigfoot body was a hoax.  Com’mon CNN, we could have told you that.


One Response to “Gate 32”

  1. Lauren January 30, 2009 at 1:04 am #

    One time on CNN they were trying to figure out where flying frozen turkey’s were coming from. Sometimes I wonder too.
    Another thing, airport coffee is always a million times hotter then any cup I get any from where else, Why is that?

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