At Gate 34 on June 4th, 2008

4 Jan

My jaw begins to ache as I chew on my rubber band bagel outside gate 34.  At least I know I’ve burned more calories chewing it then it probably has.  Newark airport isn’t that crowded but then again, it is wednesday.  The TV shows the looping CCN broadcast of Obama winning the Democrating nomination.  I watch it 3 times before looking away.

Boarding time. Everyone lines up so fast that even the lady in the wheelchair with the assistant makes it in line before me.

I get a lung full of semi- fresh Newark air as I walk on the pathway connecting the terminal and the plane.  I peer into the cockpit and can’t help but think of how much the controls look like all those old mechwarrior games from the 90’s.  Modern games have much better graphics, you’d think planes would too, right?


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