Now, what’s this all about…

3 Jan

I figure, it’s about time to start a serious (well relatively serious) blog.

I’m a writer.  But alas, my recent writings have been kept to short stories, and short blurbs and thoughts in my notebook that I carry around. Unacceptable.

I also am an advocate of the social media networks of the interwebs.  Facebook.  Myspace. Twitter. YouTube.  The Web 2.0 is a great thing idea.

These new methods of mass communication keep us all closely connected (uncomfortably close in some cases) but what is actually being communicated?

Status Update: Joe Schmo is  procrastinating doing his work by playing on Facebook.

Myspace Bulletin: Another Survey.. boredd.

Most people spend hours idling on social networking sites without actually socializing or networking.   New pictures and super short posted comments have taken place or any meaningful content or conversation.

Is substance being replace with convenience?

I must admit, i’m as guilty as anyone of these shortcomings, which is why i’ve taken an initiative to write some meaningful content via this blog.

Thoughts, stories, and writings about travels, conversations, and ideas.


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